Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who's Asking?

Well, I guess I should answer my... person. My name is Luke Leigh, and I'm a fourteen year old, mostly academic, occasionally athletic, sometimes apathetic, part time pathetic... Ok mess with that. I'm fairly intelligent, I play some sports when I feel like it, and I get ticked off like everyone does. I've never been one to tell you what I'm up to, but never the one to hurt someone. I suppose both of those particular attributes come from my upbringing: I am, and probably will be for a long time, a pastor's son who strongly believes everything happens for a purpose, but somethings happen on accident. Confusing prospect, I suppose.

Now, if you're one to read blogs and such, then I would suppose you've heard of my parent's blogs, "A Fish Called Grace", and "Pattyville". Both of my parent's are fantastic writers, and try to update regularly.

Now, if you are a very odd individual, you are wondering, "Hmm. What ever is the this joker doing, talking about other people than himself?" So, for now you are thinking it, my family is a very big part of my life.

Dad: My father is, of course, a pastor. He preaches, and wonderfully, I might add, at Beaverdam Baptist Church, in Cassatt, South Carolina. That many commas should be illegal. Anyways, he is, like many say, a lot like me, in the way that we are both just good natured people. Ah well, go to his blog, you'll learn more there :P.

Mom: Mom wants to be a teacher or a librarian, but because of the current economic crisis, has not found work the eighteen months we've lived here in Cassatt... Yeah... Her blog is "Pattyville", go to the link above and check her out!

Stevie: Stevie is my middle sister. Sometimes she feels as if she is the outcast, but of course that isn't true. My family embraces anyone, because everyone is a child of God. :3 Everyone says we look alike. Neither of us see it.

Shea: Shea is my eldest sister, and also my half sister. I try not to talk about the half part, partly because she's my full sister in my eye, and also because thinking about her father puts me in a bad mood. She is, at the moment, not on speaking terms with my parents. That'll change soon; God has a way of bringing a family back together.

So, as I'm sure you may be wondering, what do I mean be, The Gift? Or well, you may not be, but since you're reading... Well, for a long time now, people have told me I have it. "You have to gift, son!" So, are the referring to me when I act in class, when a teacher needs a part to be played? Or are they referring to me being able to pick up an instrument and play it decently in two weeks. Maybe even writing, though I get that one less often. Once or twice, it's come from a comedy skit I've written and preformed for my friends. But what is it, exactly? Is it an ability? A superpower? A glitch in the matrix? That's my life question. If I can figure that out, I'll be able to die happy.

That living would be preferable.

Luke =]


  1. Your gift is you. All the above, really. But mostly, it is the ability to make a room brighter when you walk in, dimmer when you walk out. Warm as you enter, sadder when you've left. You have the gift of making others feel better, about themselves, about their situation, or their circumstances. It is a rare one, so treasure it!