Saturday, August 13, 2011

I was told to do this, under penalty of law.

No, seriously. Dude, this thing makes L's looks weird! Oh, never mind. Twas my mouse. Anyways.

Well, my best friend is James William Sowell. He'd like for me to call him jFreakwency. Too bad. :)
Our friendship is a strange one. We first met each other through church, waaaaay back when he was at CLC (Crappy Little Crapheads). And, at first glance, he did look like a Crappy Little Craphead - he wore khaki pants and a white collar shirt (the school uniform), and he always had a look on his face that made him look RATHER unintelligent. Little did I know that this particular face was normal. Who knew. Anyways, after hearing an AMAZING rumor that he had in fact attempted murder in the 18th degree and had attempted to join Satan's Army, I'll admit I kept my distance. We never really talked until the summer going into 8th grade. We went to Carrowinds with our youth group, and we got along really well. BUT, after going back to school, I realized that my friendship was short lived - we hung out with very different people. So different, in fact, that we each hired assassins to kill each other. Wait, what?

Fast forward to the next summer, and you'll see that me and him became inseparable the entire time. We literally hung out at least once a week, and usually more. We went to a movie every Tuesday at the Hartsville theater (or did something else worthy of my awesome), and pretty much hung out with each other the ENTIRE time. Couldn't get rid of that little bum. Anyways. This font is hurting my eyes. Anywho... So, then we went back to school... And it happened again. Surprise, surprise, we went back to hanging out with completely different people, except I hung out with people of decent intelligence this year. (Let's go ahead and straighten this one out. Will hangs out with the popular kids that are either really smart, or really stupid. No middle ground. I hang out with the UNpopular kids that are really smart, very few stupid. Now, if Will was telling this story, I'm sure he'd say that ALL of his friends were HIGHLY intelligent, and that I just didn't know them. Suck it up Will :). He would also say that me and these other people would be really good friends if I just acted like myself around them. Strange, they don't usually like fat people :P) Where was I? Oh yeah. So, another school year gone by, and me and Will didn't hang out but like five times, total.

This summer! Well, this past summer was a lot of fun... Just not as much so as last summer. We hung out usually at least once a week, but it just wasn't as fun. Sad day. You, reading this. Kill yourself ._.

Well, Will told me to make this about our antics, because antics is a word people from this century use.
Well, let's see.
I cannot divulge our secrets. Or, well, I could, but at the risk of sounding cliche, I would have to kill you. Sorry. No I'm not.

Oh, and Will is on crack.

I prefer heroine. ._.

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